How did I spend my summer vacation? Watching baseball

Paul Croteau is at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania watching his son, Nick Croteau.

The parents of the players on the Cumberland American Little League team wear many hats.

They serve as the players' cheering section, ego boosters, and most importantly, financial backers.

It's been a busy summer for these dedicated families who are proud to see it through to the end at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

"It's been pretty hectic. Every day the parents get home from work. We head right to practice. We're there two or three hours a day, almost every day, for almost a month now. It's been pretty hectic. People rotate driving because some have to stay over and it's been pretty hectic," said Paul Croteau, Nick Croteau's father.

All of it has culminated in a trip to the Little League World Series to see their sons realize their dreams.

For many families, this trip is their only summer vacation.

"These kids have sacrificed their summers. We haven't been to the beach, we haven't been away, our summer has been baseball. Thankfully, these guys love it, too and they hope to be back in eight years. Jayden never complained once about going to practice everyday or all the games. It's been great," said Tara Slack, Jayden Struble's mother.

"I canceled three vacations with my other two kids and my son because of baseball. But it's all worth it, and next year we'll go on vacations instead," said Chuck Thibeault, Trey Thibeault's father.

Chuck Thibeault said it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

"You're only 12 one time, and it's slim to none to make it this far," he said.

And it's the experience beyond baseball for the kids. The personal bonds and cultural experiences gained in Williamsport are priceless.

"They've been together for three years and I know, coming this far, the bond between them is going to be with them for a lifetime," said Sue Croteau, Nick Croteau's mother.