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      Barton Corner Bridge project begins Monday

      The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has started the Barton Corner Bridge Rapid Replacement project on Monday.

      The bridge carries about 72,000 cars a day on Interstate 95 over Route 2 on the Warwick and West Warwick town line.

      The project will impact traffic on Route 2, Route 4, and I-95, as well as access roads.

      Plans are to have the bridge ripped out and replaced over the next 11 days. Route 2 will be torn up.

      The project has short phases, each with ramp and lane closures over the next few days.

      Over the duration of the project, I-95 South at exit 8 to Route 2 north will be closed.

      The on-ramp from Route 2 north to I-95 South will be closed.

      Access to I-95 South from Route 2 north will be available using the current on-ramp from Route 2 south. A temporary traffic light will be installed to help with the new traffic pattern.

      The on-ramp from Route 2 south to I-95 South and the off-ramp from I-95 North to Route 2 south will remain open.

      Expect traffic on I-95 to be shifted with periodic lane closures.

      Drivers should plan on delays and congestion. All businesses along Route 2 will remain open.

      For a full list of road, ramp and lane closures and detours, visit the RIDOT website.

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