Hurricane Arthur draws curious in Chatham

Chatham, Mass.

While there were no fireworks on the Cape this Fourth of July, people had plenty to marvel at.

Mother Nature showed her strength tearing down trees, kicking up waves, and whipping the wind along the coast.

"I love the raw power of it all," said Peter Doherty.

Most tourists came to Chatham for the beach, Doherty and his family were chasing the storm.

It's a tradition he and his wife started early on in their marriage.

"Hurricane Bob was the last big one. That was though. I mean, a week without power. Just awesome to see what the weather can do," Doherty said.

Dad's interest in the storm isn't shared by the entire family.

"I just don't like the sand blowing on my legs. I just don't like it," said daughter Gianna Doherty.

The Dohertys weren't the only storm chasers to be found.

"When in Rome, I guess," said Jack O'Brien.

O'Brien braved the beach in Easton, where the wind was gusting.

"We were bored, so we were just dying to come out here and see the waves," O'Brien said.

This isn't the Fourth of July tourists were hoping to see when they booked their summer homes, but it's one they won't be able to forget thanks to the power of Arthur.