Hurricane Arthur puts damper on Misquamicut

A red flag flies from a lifeguard's chair at Misquamicut Beach in Westerly on Friday, July 4, 2014.

Misquamicut Beach is usually teeming with beachgoers on a summer day, but thunderstorms and Hurricane Arthur kept many indoors Friday.

As a result stores like the Purple Ape saw fewer customers.

"This year is very different because we have the hurricane here and business is a lot slower today," said Kimberly Meneo of the Purple Ape.

A few people came in to buy merchandise, but the shop's rental business was nonexistent because of a thunderstorm.

"We have Jet skis, kayaks and paddleboats," Meneo said.

One duo in downtown Westerly didn't mind the rain at all.

"I'm from Arizona. I like it because we haven't had rain in over six months," said Cole Cucitrone, visiting from Arizona.

But they did notice some negative side effects, mainly flooding.

"Not bad at all right now. I don't know how bad this weather is supposed to be before it ends," said George Cucitrone, a Westerly native.

While the Fourth of July was a washout for Meneo, she said she thinks business will be fine.

"I was hoping to go out and spend some time with friends tonight, and that's probably not going to happen," Meneo said. "Hopefully, it will pick up tomorrow and the rest of the weekend."

By the end of the weekend, Hurricane Arthur will be a distant memory.