I-Team: 5 Pawtucket teachers arrested in 6 months

Pawtucket teacher George Grimes' arrest on child pornography charges Thursday was upsetting for students and parents.

But it's hardly the first time one of the city's teachers has faced criminal charges.

Five Pawtucket teachers have been arrested in the past six months. None of the cases appear to be related, but some are serious.

A substitute teacher at Slater Junior High was accused in December 2013 of touching a girl inappropriately over her clothing. Warren Tassone, 22, was arraigned on second-degree child molestation charges and ordered to stay away from the girl.

Richard Koster, another teacher at Slater, was arrested for assault in March. Police said Koster was upset with a student who brought a cookie into his classroom. He allegedly grabbed the boy, lifted him up and pinned him against a wall.

Wade Briggs, a 29-year-old Goff Junior High gym teacher, was arrested during a state police gambling bust in February. Briggs, of Cumberland, was one of 13 people charged with gambling, bookmaking and conspiracy.

In November, 40 year-old Melissa Jerrett was booked for stealing from her colleagues at Curtis Elementary School. Pawtucket police said Jerrett was stealing car keys from other teachers, but none of the cars was stolen or damaged.

Based on the state's court computer system, it appears Jerrett resolved her case without criminal charges. Tassone, Koster and Briggs have charges pending.