I-Team: Man accused of rape was Brown medical student

A male exotic dancer accused of raping two women at a private event in Massachusetts was a former Brown University medical student, the NBC 10 I-Team has learned.

Patrick Ladapo, 31, of Providence, was charged last week at a party in Wareham where he was hired to perform at a party. He was released on $20,000 cash bail.

The NBC 10 I-Team reports Ladapo was accused in another sexual assault in Providence in 2008. According to the I-Team, he was a medical student at Brown University at the time.

Ladapo started medical school in 2006, but abruptly left the program in the spring of 2008, around the same time a woman accused him of sexual assault.

The school wouldn't comment on whether Ladapo was forced to leave or he left on his own.

According to a police report from April 2008, a 19-year-old woman told police Ladapo touched her sexually against her will after she went on a date with him.

The woman decided not to file a formal complaint, and Ladapo was never charged.

A third woman came forward to NBC 10 claiming her daughter had gone to Providence police to complain about Ladapo.

"I think it's important that if anyone else has been affected by this predator, this man that takes advantage of women, they need to step forth and they need to give information about him," said the woman who asked that her name not be revealed.

In Wareham, Ladapo's attorney said his client is innocent and accused the women of teaming up against his client.

Ladapo's employer, Blaze Entertainment in Boston, told NBC 10 he hasn't had complaints about him, and is cooperating with police.

Ladapo is scheduled to be back in court in three weeks.