I-Team: City can pursue dismissal of convicted officer

The Rhode Island Supreme Court said in a ruling Wednesday that the city of Pawtucket can pursue the dismissal of a convicted police officer.

Nichalas Laprade was criminally convicted in 2011 of indecent exposure when two women said the off-duty officer was masturbating and exposing himself while driving on Route 95 in November 2010.

In an interview with the NBC 10 I-Team, Laprade denied the charge and said he was urinating into a Gatorade bottle after experiencing a painful hernia operation.

Laprade has been on paid leave for nearly four years because police missed a filing deadline for a disciplinary proceeding by one day.

However the court ruled that city officials can now bring Laprade in front of a Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights hearing. City officials are trying to fire Laprade.

The I-Team also reported on the officer when he was found sleeping in a running police cruiser in 2010. A viewer had taken pictures of Laprade and another officer sleeping on the job that summer.