I-Team: Cleanup crew seen at Enchanted Forest site

A cleanup crew arrived at the old Enchanted Forest site Tuesday afternoon, along with the property owner.

The work comes after an NBC 10 I-Team investigation revealed former employees' personal information on paperwork left at the site. Names, addresses and Social Security numbers were visible when NBC 10 visited last month.

The I-Team tracked down Hannah Benoit after we spotted her name, address and Social Security number lying inside a vandalized building, left open to the weather.

"I never expected employee records from several decades ago to still even be in existence, let alone lying around in the woods in Rhode Island," Benoit said.

Benoit worked at the Enchanted Forest in 1973.

"I played Little Bo Peep," she said.

The I-Team went to the site last month with NBC 10 viewer Noel Justice. He emailed NBC 10 after he came across personal information while hiking in the area.

"I think anything with a Social Security number scared me," Justice said.

At about 2 p.m. Tuesday, the I-Team saw a blue van pull up at Enchanted Forest. About 10 men got out armed with trash bags and lumber, apparently to clean up the site.

Property owner Harold Fera didn't want to talk on camera when he arrived.

From across Route 3, we saw him climb up on the roof of the old amusement park's main building, ready to post "no trespassing" signs.

The effort came almost three weeks after Fera emailed NBC 10, saying he'd sent cleanup crew to "recover the documents and to re-secure the building."

Another less friendly email from Fera's attorney followed July 4, saying the cleanup had already happened.

"My clients have secured and safeguarded their site ... if any employment records were found at the property, they had to be planted there by third parties over whom my clients had no control," the attorney's email said.

Fera's attorney also told NBC 10 records we saw from the 1970s date from a previous property owner.

The Enchanted Forest shut down in 2005.