I-Team: Driving record dilemma

Donna Drake lives in Florida, and wants to drive back home.

But there's a roadblock.

"So I'm afraid to leave with this lingering because it's not going to go away," she said.

That lingering problem involves her record with the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.

When Drake went to renew her registration in Florida back in June, officials there told her she had old, unpaid tickets in Rhode Island.

So she came to Cranston that same month to visit family and paid the bill while she was here. She paid $475 for tickets from 1991 and 1993, and another $150 to reinstate her driving privileges.

Drake thought the problem was solved.

"I found out Saturday that my license in Rhode Island is suspended. Well, I don't have a Rhode Island driver's license," she said.

NBC 10 discovered that Drake is listed in the National Driver Register, a federal database of people with driving violations across all 50 states.

Somehow her told tickets from Rhode Island popped up in the NDR 10 years after she moved to Florida.

Officials with the Rhode Island DMV say it sends all records to the federal government, but states have only been able to share records quickly within the past several years.

Nationwide, some people have found their federal driving records are inaccurate or aren't updated. In other cases, drivers with serious violations have been left off the list completely.

"I just can't make heads or tails of it," Drake said.

So what can drivers do if they believe the information in the NDR isn't accurate?

To clear your NDR record, you first have to resolve the problems with each state involved, and make sure each state updates its own records as well as the federal government records. You can request a copy of your national record for free at any time, but you have to do it by mail.

Send your request to:

National Driver Register1200 New Jersey AvenueS.E., Washington, D.C.{} 20590Please include in your request your full legal name, date of birth, state and driver license number, sex, height, weight, and eye color.