I-Team: Explosions heard around Lakeville before bombings

Residents in the area around Lakeville heard what they said were loud explosions during the week leading up to the Boston Marathon.

"My wife and I were sitting at home in the living room, and we heard one of the loudest explosions I've heard since I got out of the military," Bob Grant said. "Just, kaboom!"

Grant heard the explosion on April 11, four days before the Boston Marathon bombings killed three people and injured about 260 others.

"About three or five minutes later there was a second explosion of similar magnitude, and the following day, again, there was another explosion," Grant said.

Two days, three explosions. Grant said the blasts came from the direction of the now closed Massasoit State Park on the border of Taunton and Lakeville.

Elaine Jones said she heard them too.

"It was like a deep boom. We heard maybe two that day," Jones said.

"It wouldn't surprise me if it rattled people's windows. It was that loud. You could all but feel the concussion," Grant said.

Grant took NBC 10 News into the woods near the area he thinks the explosions came from. He called the FBI and Taunton police.

Neighbors and local businesses said federal agents canvassed the area, asking questions.

"This was loud. This wasn't a toy," Grant said.

The I-Team has learned that search happened the week of the bombings. What, if anything, turned up, we don't know.

Coincidentally, the FBI has a field office in Lakeville. The FBI didn't have a comment.