I-Team helps woman get refund she was due

A frustrated Johnston woman turned to the NBC 10 I-Team for help when she couldn't get answers about a refund she was due from a car dealership.

Last fall, Alice Cullen was driving a 2010 PT Cruiser. She thought she was going to keep it for a while, so she purchased an extended warranty on the car from Metro Chrysler in Johnston.

But six months later, she bought a new car and demanded a refund of most of the $1,600 she spent for the extended warranty. So, she called Metro.

"I said I want to come and get refund on warranty. They said, 'OK. It'll take six to ten weeks,'" Cullen said.

But six weeks went by, and still no check.

"Six weeks went by and I called. They said it might take 10 weeks. I said alright," Cullen said.

But 10 weeks came and went, and still no check.

"All these phone calls, leaving messages. Nobody called me back. So, that's why I got in touch with you people," Cullen said.

After we interviewed Cullen, the I-Team called Metro Chrysler and told them we'd be doing a story about the trouble she was having getting a refund on her extended warranty. Three days later, she got a check.

Cullen said she's glad she called the I-Team.

"I really appreciate it. Good service and good results. I'm very happy," she said.

Metro Chrysler did not return messages left by the I-Team.

Cullen deposited her refund check right away.