I-Team: Homeowner fed up after vandals smash windows

Video shows two youths throwing bricks through the window.

The view from the second floor of Elmer DeLeon's home on Cowden Street in Central Falls is a lot sharper these days.

"The first time they came, the kids broke a window," DeLeon told NBC 10.

Since the first attack, five windows have been shattered at DeLeon's home. The damage keeps piling up and so do the costs. His SUV was also a target.

Police suggested DeLeon get security cameras for the house and he did, catching the vandals in the act.

The footage recorded from August and September shows two younger men picking up bricks from DeLeon's own garden and launching them at his windows.

The glass shards burst inside bedrooms and over the driveway.

During one attack, DeLeon said a brick flew through the window and landed near a 3-month old sleeping baby.

"I don't know what the police are waiting for to do something about it. They got the names. They know who they are," DeLeon said.

DeLeon has filled out police reports, handed over his video, and even went to see Mayor James Diossa who he said promised to help.

But the 20-year resident of Central Falls told the I-Team he hasn't heard from city officials in more than a month.

NBC 10 called the mayor's office and police and was told the case is open and under investigation.

DeLeon said he's looking for results.

"Who's going to pay for the damage? If they know who they are, make them pay for the damage," he said.