I-Team: Nightclub video shows shots being fired

The NBC 10 I-Team has obtained surveillance video from Snubs nightclub that shows a shooter fire four shots in the parking lot during the early morning hours of July 27.

The video shows patrons exit the club and hang out in the front parking lot. A silver Mercedes-Benz pulls in, and the driver and a passenger sit and then start mingling with the crowd.

Fists quickly fly as a fight breaks out shortly after 2 a.m. and then a shot is fired. The camera catches the shooter fire three more shots, a total of four, injuring Ailton Barros of North Providence and Emanuel Moreira of Pawtucket.

"It's a cowardly act by a cowardly individual," said club lawyer Alberto Aponte Cardona, who said the video shows the shooter was not a patron.

"These guys were looking for trouble that night, whether it was at Stop and Shop, Kentucky Fried Chicken, downtown; they were going to get the trouble they were looking for. They were out that night hunting and that's what they did," added Cardona.

The club's owner fought to stay open at a hearing Wednesday in front of the city's Board of Licenses. After seeing video, the city's solicitor agreed the shooter wasn't in the club that night and dropped one of the two charges against Snubs, but recommends stripping the club's 2 a.m. license for 30 days and adding a police detail to keep the peace.

Owner Lorraine Roderick asked for one or the other, saying both would cause a hardship.

"You generally make 50 percent of your income for the night in the last hour and in addition to the detail it kinds of doubles it. So, you lose the income and you gain an expense," said Roderick.

Roderick said her establishment has been a good neighbor for 27 years and that it has held fundraisers for those in need.

The Board of Licenses agreed to have a decision by Aug. 15. The club will remain closed.