Mayor taking action following I-Team strip club investigation

Editor's Note: An NBC 10 I-Team investigation has found prostitution taking place in several Providence strip clubs. This is part two of a two-part series.

Following an NBC 10 I-Team investigation into prostitution in Providence strip clubs, Mayor Angel Taveras is taking action.

A spokesman for Taveras said the mayor is introducing two ordinances. One would provide for a mandatory revocation of a club's license after a finding of just one instance of prostitution, or using underage girls as dancers or prostitutes.

A separate ordinance would ban private booths in all entertainment clubs in the city.

Taveras said he was upset about the I-Team and private investigator findings of prostitution in several city strip clubs.

"Where this is taking place, we're going to move to close the clubs," he said.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said he would also like to see a ban on private booths.

"These booths and private rooms should be banned, because they're nothing more than a place where prostitution happens," he said.

The owner of one strip club told the I-Team private booths make it easy for dancers, with or without the knowledge of management, to offer sex for money without being detected.

Last August, police arrested a man who was "pimping" a 15-year-old girl at Cheaters Gentleman's Club on Allens Avenue in Providence.

The NBC 10 I-Team decided to investigate to determine if prostitution was taking place in other so-called gentlemen's clubs in the city.

An I-Team hidden camera investigation, along with an investigation conducted on behalf of a client in Providence, found prostitution to be rampant at Cadillac Lounge, Club Desire and Fantasies.

On Oct. 11, 2013, according to the investigator's reports, a private investigator entered Club Desire in the late afternoon. He paid to take a dancer into a private booth.

Once in the booth the dancer said, "What would you like?" The investigator responded, "Oral sex. You said $200 for (oral) sex?"

The dancer responded, "uh huh" indicating the $200 amount for oral sex was correct.

The dancer, according to the investigator's report, left the booth for a few minutes and returned with a condom. The investigator eventually turned down the offer of oral sex and left the booth.

The I-Team talked with a man who called himself "Gerry" at Club Desire. He said he was not aware of any prostitution taking place at the club.

At Fantasies, another investigator was offered oral sex for $100 by a dancer.

Calls placed to Fantasies were not returned.