I-Team: Providence Public Safety Complex plagued by problems

The then-$50 million Providence Public SafetyComplex opened in 2002, but has seen a significant amount of visits fromrepairmen ever since.

"We've had challenges with the building, bothwith the HVAC system, and with leaks in the ceiling and the roof.{}We'vehad a litany of problems with this building and it shouldn't be that way with abuilding only 10 years old," said Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

A burst pipe Saturday flooded out threefloors and will likely carry a six-figure repair bill.

Officers, who spoke on a condition ofanonymity, told the NBC 10 I-Team the building gets so cold in the winter manyof them went out to Ocean State Job Lot and bought space heaters to keep attheir desks in the weeks leading up to Dec. 25.

Pictures provided to the I-Team showedheaters and their boxes in the piles of damage from the weekend flood.

"It's unacceptable that my members haveto buy space heaters to stay warm at their desks," Taft Manzotti, president ofthe Providence Police Union told NBC 10.

Pare called the two issues unrelated and saidhe believes a draft and cold temperatures in the roof above the ceiling causedthe pipe to burst.

"The bursting of the pipe this weekend, in myopinion, had nothing to do with the problems we've had with the HVAC system andany of the other problems we've had with the building. In fact, thetemperatures are monitored and at the time of the bursting of that pipe, whichwas above the ceiling on the third floor, the room temp was 62 degrees," Paresaid.

An insurance claim has been made for thedamage.