I-Team: Psychic reading sparks internal probe at ACI

The I-Team has learned an internal investigation is under way at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections after a seance took place in the office of a top official.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation, Heather Anderson, a correctional officer, was called in from home after her overnight shift in late February to report to the office of David McCauley, assistant director of corrections.

The I-Team was told Anderson didn't know why she was being called in and feared she might be in trouble. When she arrived, she was asked to do a psychic reading.

When Anderson is not working for the prison, she calls herself "The Mystical Medium," someone who can talk to the dead, according to her website.

Department of Corrections sources told the I-Team Anderson performed psychic readings for about two hours during the day, on state time.

It's unclear why exactly Anderson was called in, but the I-Team has learned there were at least two other top prison officials who were there that day.

Robert Vitale, the warden of the Department of Corrections's central office, and Gerald Masso, a security specialist were both at the readings.

It was unclear if Anderson was paid for her time.

All three men, McCauley, Masso and Vitale, earn six-figure salaries. State records show McCauley earns $143,102 a year, Masso earns $117,425 a year, and Vitale earns $124,468 a year.

Susan Lamkins, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman, confirmed the internal probe.

"When these allegations were brought to the director's attention he immediately asked the Office of Inspections to investigate these claims. The investigation is ongoing; therefore, we cannot discuss any of the particulars," she said.

Attempts to reach Anderson were unsuccessful.