I-Team: RI AG wants background checks on strip club dancers

Rhode IslandAttorney General Peter Kilmartin said he wants to force adult entertainmentclubs to get background checks on all dancers and other entertainers at theclubs.

Kilmartin'scomments come after a series of NBC 10 I-Team investigative reports revealedprostitution taking place in several Providence strip clubs.

"What wewant to do is have a statewide statute in place, when any of the people whocome in as dancers, we verify their age with a national background check toensure they are of legal age and not a victim of human trafficking," Kilmartinsaid.

Last July,Providence police arrested a "pimp" who was using a 15-year-old girl to danceand engage in prostitution at Cheaters Gentleman's Club. According to police,the girl was using a fake ID.

AndrewAnnaldo, the chairman of the Providence Licensing Board, said just because aclub is cited for prostitution, it doesn't necessarily mean the club's licensewill be revoked.

"If therewas a prostitution case, as we look at the license and make judgments. Is this going to be reoccurring? Is this the first time they came to us?" Annaldosaid.

After theI-Team aired its reports, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras said he's going tointroduce two ordinances that would ban private booths in strip clubs, and makemandatory a loss of license on just one finding of prostitution.