I-Team: Woman burned in alleged domestic violence assault

A Pawtucket man faces domestic violence charges after police said he burned a woman with a frying pan.

Police said 42-year-old Danilo Cabrera burned the woman's body, including her breasts and genitals.

Cabrera was crying when officers arrived and reportedly admitted to police that he burned the victim.

Officers searched the victim's home and found a frying pan that was apparently used in the attack.

According to the police report, there was what appeared to be burnt human skin on the bottom and side of the pan.

The victim was taken to Rhode Island Hospital in serious condition.

In court on Monday, bail was set at $50,000 with surety, meaning Cabrera needs to post $5,000 to be released.

Cabrera couldn't come up with the money, so he was ordered back to the Adult Correctional Institutions.

But if he can post bail, he'll be free until his next court date which is scheduled for July.