Insurer approves request for man's wheelchair

A disabled man will be getting a much needed new wheelchair after his caregivers turned to NBC 10 when they say they weren't getting satisfaction from the man's insurer.

Arnold Conover is 44 years old and suffers from several disabilities including cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis.

His chair is old and is broken in certain places.

His caretakers told us they've been trying to work with UnitedHealthcare, his insurance carrier, to get a new chair for the past two years.

However, on Thursday, the insurer told NBC 10 that it is issuing the request for a new wheelchair.

"UnitedHealthare received and approved the request for Mr. Conover's wheelchair on Wednesday morning. We continue to look into this issue and are sorry for any delay or confusion," said Maria Gordon Shydlo, public relations director for UnitedHealth. "We encourage members or their guardians to call us directly if they have questions so we can help address their concerns more quickly."

Conover's caretakers told NBC 10 that they were thrilled to hear the news.