Investigators search landfill for evidence in marathon bombings

Federal investigators on Thursday searched New Bedford's landfill for evidence in the Boston Marathon bombings.

"They're combing it. Brushing, scraping it. Trying to find whatever they're looking for," Aaron Houbre of the Dartmouth Department of Public Works told NBC 10.

Only certain disposal trucks have been allowed into the landfill. Drivers told NBC 10 that they are being told to dump in a certain area from the search site.

"I hope they find something in there, but there's a lot over there. It's definitely going to take some time definitely to nit-pick through all that," Houbre said.

Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a student at the University of Massachusetts campus in the neighboring town of Dartmouth.

Authorities said they found a "large pyrotechnic" and BB pellets during a search of Tsarnaev's dorm room on Sunday. Among the shrapnel that struck victims were BBs.

Students said they saw Tsarnaev on campus in the days after the bombings.

Tsarnaev, 19, is recovering in a Boston hospital from injuries suffered escaping from police. He was found Friday hiding in a boat in Watertown.

His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed hours earlier in a shootout with police.

Police on Thursday would not comment on the landfill search, and New Bedford's mayor was unavailable.