Johnston bar robbed three times in two weeks

Owners of the Clubhouse Pub in Johnston say they're fed up after someone broke into their bar for the third time in two weeks.

The third break-in was discovered Monday afternoon, as NBC 10 was in Johnston to speak with owners about the first two incidents.

Surveillance video shows a burglar in a mask and hooded sweatshirt smashing a light before breaking into the Clubhouse Pub early Saturday morning. Eric Maluk, one of the owners of the bar, tells NBC 10 the first incident happened the night of July 22 or early morning on July 23.

"They (the burglar) know the layout, know what they're looking for specifically, so we believe it could be an inside job but we don't want to exclude anyone," Maluk said.

Maluk said the burglar broke through an additional door on Monday but didn't get anything of value and appeared to be searching an area where a safe used to be located.

Johnston police told NBC 10 they have a person of interest and say the Clubhouse Pub is the only business in town where this has happened recently.

"Not like this. Not two or three times in two weeks. This is unusual for our town," said Maj. Frank Levesque. "I feel like this place is being targeted."

Police officers inside the bar looked at surveillance video, took photos and examined damage to the doors on Monday evening. Customers who stood outside told NBC 10 they couldn't believe the bar had been hit three times in just two weeks.

"It's tiring at this point, spending too many hours fixing things," Maluk said. "Just want it to end and the person to be caught."

Maluk said the bar is offering a reward of $1,000 to help catch the burglar.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Johnston police at 401-231-4210 and ask for a detective.