Johnston mayor doesn't want water park

David Cascioli with Cascade Waterpark LLC is a native Rhode Islander and he wants to bring a water park to Johnston.

David Cascioli with Cascade Waterpark LLC is a native Rhode Islander now living in Tampa, Florida.

He managed a now-closed water park in Michigan, and years earlier, worked at the Rocky Point Amusement Park in Warwick.

He told NBC 10 on Friday that he's got his eye on a piece of land in Johnston and would like to open a water park there by 2016.

Cascioli has a website and a Facebook page.

Some commented that a Rhode Island water park would make a splash.

"We need this in Rhode Island. Rhode Island kids have nothing. Please pass this," Kassie Martin wrote.

"Awesome. We need something fun in this state," Lisa Maples wrote.

But the excitement is definitely premature.

"I personally think it's pie in the sky," said Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena.

Polisena said he was shocked to find out the mastermind behind the water park wanted it in his town.

"I'm against it. And the way it was done. I'm not happy," he said. "Whoever he thinks he is, I don't just invite myself to your house for supper or come to your swimming pool to swim -- unless I'm invited."

The company in charge of developing the land in question said if the town doesn't want it, it won't happen.

A lawyer for the company told NBC 10 that Cascioli made an inquiry about the land but that was it.

Polisena said he's not against bringing new ideas to his town. He just wants smart ones.

"We don't need an amusement park. We need solid jobs, good paying jobs no matter where it is whether it's in the manufacturing industry. We need people that are going to work and stay working 12 months a year," he said.