Judge delays sentencing in fatal drunken driving crash

Brandon Borge appears in Providence Superior Court for sentencing on Tuesday, July 22, 2014. The hearing was postponed when the judge felt the defendant didn't understand the proceedings.

A judge on Tuesday delayed the sentencing of a man who pleaded no contest to killing his girlfriend in a drunken driving crash.

Brandon Borge was to face up to 25 years in prison.

But his emotions got the better of him. He cried in court saying this whole process has been very confusing for him because he doesn't remember the crash.

The judge wants to redo Borge's pre-sentencing interviews to make sure he understands the proceedings.

Borge lost both of his legs in the crash in Cranston that killed his girlfriend, Barbara Ellis, of Attleboro, in 2012.

The judge and representatives of the attorney general's office were clearly frustrated by Borge's confusion.

Borge is now expected to be sentenced Sept. 9.