Judge not satisfied with DCYF findings

A state agency may have cleared a private school for troubled boys in the case of staff breaking a 13-year-old's arm, but it doesn't seem to have satisfied the Family Court.

Family Court Chief Judge Haiganush Bedrosian has ordered no contact between the student and the staff that injured him.

After the boy's arm was broken in the course of adult staffers at Harmony Hill School knocking him to the ground and twisting his arm on May 31, the state Department of Children, Youth and Families, which licenses the school, conducted an investigation and said the incident was normal and required no discipline.

But as the case is examined in Family Court, the judge seemed to have different concerns for the boy's safety. She "ordered that the Respondent not be around certain staff" there.

That wasn't enough to reassure the eighth-grader, who ran away from court rather than return to Harmony Hill.

"Yes, I'm worried. I think he's more scared. He already missed an appointment. No. 1 is that he needs medical treatment for that arm," said Annabelle Alexander, the boy's mother.

Alexander is also not satisfied with the DCYF conclusion that staff at the school acted properly when they broke her son's arm.

"They did do something wrong. That is a felony criminal charge," Alexander said.

The DCYF has also come under fire from the state's child advocate, who has filed a Motion for Emergency Review of the handling of the boy's case, saying the state agency has begun shuffling him around to different shelters that are not capable of meeting his needs.