Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation raises $12,000 in scholarships

Katie DeCubellis walk

For the 15th straight year, runners and walkers came together in Narragansett Sunday to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving.

The Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation puts on the walk each year to shed light on the problem of drunk driving.

Katie DeCubellis was 13 years old when she and Marsha Bowman were killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver in 1999.

Her father, John DeCubellis, Jr., spoke to the crowd at Sunday's event and expressed his gratitude for what the family and the foundation have been able to do since Katie's death.

"They say when one door closes, others open and we feel so blessed, notwithstanding our tragedy, what we've been able to do together with all of your efforts and our foundation," DeCubellis said.

This year alone, the Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation handed out $12,000 in scholarships. Over the years, the foundation has given out nearly $150,000 in scholarships and along with prizes and donations it's awarded over $300,000.