Kent Hospital greeter turns 100 years old

Mary Poncin says she's met so many wonderful people as a greeter at Kent Hospital.

She's been there since 2011.

Since Poncin began working at the hospital, she's been keeping up people's spirits even during the darkest of times.

"People come in with surgery after surgery. They all come in. If we're in the same vicinity, we stop by to say hello," Poncin said.

She's made quite a few friends, many of whom celebrated Poncin's 100th birthday on Tuesday.

In the 1930s, Poncin waited on tables for $1 a day. And she went through 17 months of unemployment after being laid off from a retail job.

That's when the position at Kent Hospital came through.

"(I've) worked three to four jobs all the time, day and night," Poncin said.

And with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and 100 years of life experience, Poncin has put all of her children through college. She also nursed her sick husband, who she said died at Kent Hospital many years ago.

"It's so amazing. She's the most amazing person. She's my hero, my heart, my soul," said Raymond Poncin, Mary's son.