Kids endure frigid temperatures at bus stop

While it was still dark, and before the buses start to roll mechanics in Cranston are working in the bus yard.

"When it's extra cold we bring in our mechanics early do they begin the process of starting the buses so where sure that they do operate," said Ray Votto of the Cranston School Department.

As Ray Votto will tell you, operating a bus system that can transport nearly 11,000 kids takes some work with safety as the top priority. When it's this cold being on time and fully operational is more important than ever.

"How long on average our kids waiting in the cold weather? They shouldn't be waiting longer than five minutes," he said.

When it's this cold, experts say frostbite can occur in just 10 minutes.

But some parents say they aren't going to take the risk.

"I didn't want them to wait at the bus stop so it was quicker to drive them to school," said Valerie DeStephano.

The Cranston School Department said the frigid temperatures aren't having any impact on ridership.

The Department of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection Agency regulations on school bus idling to prevent diesel fuel inhalation but when it's this cold they bend those regulations just to keep the buses