Kindergartners walk away from school; Mother wants explanation

Two kindergarten girls walked away from a Fall River elementary school in the middle of the school day.

"Furious, extremely," said Keri Lafleur, whose daughter, Alivia, and a friend left school unnoticed Wednesday.

The school called Lafleur when the girl couldn't be found.

"The school and myself, we were searching lockers everywhere and didn't know if they were in the school or off the property," Lafleur said.

Alivia's 10-year-old sister was in the school and quickly learned what had happened. She alerted a teacher and the principal.

But Alivia's mother said there was no sign of Alivia or her friend inside the school. And soon, they heard that she had gotten out somehow.

The news came to Alivia's mom through a friend.

"I got a text message from a friend at 2:05 that she had found the two girls," Lafleur said. "She had found them walking down the street a couple of blocks away from the school but this was already over an hour after they were already missing from the school."

Alivia said she was scared. She didn't have a jacket on at the time and neither did her friend, but they were not hurt.

Alivia's mother said she's still waiting for an explanation from the school.

"I believe that before another parent has to go through the same thing all of the doors in the school have to have some sort of an alarm system," Lafleur said. "To me doors should be alarmed at all times no matter what."

The principal was not at school Thursday because it was a professional development day.

The superintendent's office said it is looking into what happened.