14 kittens found abandoned in box in Charlestown

Charlestown police are looking for the person who abandoned 14 kittens in a sealed box on the side of a road.

Police say the kittens were in poor health when they were found Saturday morning along Kings Factory Road. A local resident who heard the kittens crying found them in a cardboard box that had been taped shut and called police.

Kathy McA'Nulty, the town's animal control officer, said the kittens were close to death and covered with urine and feces. They had matted fur and were infested with fleas.

Police say the kittens are now eating and drinking and are expected to survive.

"They are going to get their flea control, and we're going to get started on their vaccinations," McA'Nulty. "It's pretty serious. I mean, they're in poor shape but have good attitudes considering how unhealthy they are."

Anyone with information on who may have abandoned the kittens is asked to call Charlestown police.

The animals will soon be up for adoption. Call Charlestown Animal Control at 401-364-1211 for more information.

NBC 10 contributed to this report.