Lakeview Pavilion fire leaves students scrambling

A fire destroyed Lakeview Pavilion on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

A fire at a popular venue in Foxborough has left at least one high school scrambling to find another location for its prom.

Fire officials said a cigarette tossed onto mulch caused a destructive fire at the Lakeview Pavilion on Saturday.

The building did not have sprinklers and firefighters took water from a nearby pond to fight the fire. The building was demolished Sunday.

No injuries were reported.

Students at Blackstone Millville Regional High School told NBC 10 on Monday they were getting texts over the weekend about the devastating fire and like many they couldn't believe it at first.

The school's junior-senior prom is scheduled for April 24.

"We have a few venues that are on hold for us. So, we have some back up options. We'll try to figure out financially what will work out for us," said Benjamin Lodge, class president.

"A lot of places have been really understanding, and they've offered to match prices to do anything to accommodate us. I mean, we have 17 days to plan a prom," said Brittany Wiggin, class secretary.

Principal Mike Dudek said for his students, the fire has become a valuable, real life lesson.

"Knowing that they can't do anything about it, all they can do is really just plan and figure out a solution to the problem we have right now. So again, I think perseverance is the key word here," he said.

Dozens of people had special events scheduled, and now other establishments are trying to help out.

"If we have the space, we'll book it. They'd do the same for us," said Raymond Southern, executive chef at Blue Hill Country Club in Canton.

The owners of Lakeview Pavilion said they will be setting up a temporary office in town to help the some 200 couples booked with them through the fall of 2015. They said deposits will be returned to those clients within a week.

State Sen. Richard Ross said his family has a direct connection to the venue.

"About 1906, my grandfather and his dad built the ball room that is, was, behind us. All of our family history is here. It's like losing a family member to see so much go up in smoke. I always thought it would be here to tell my family about someday," Ross said.

The owners said they are committed to rebuilding.

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