Landmark lockdown over, standoff ends peacefully

Jose Giles

It's back to business as usual at the Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket after a lockdown Thursday night and a standoff between police and an armed suspect.

Police Friday identified the suspect as 55-year-old Jose Giles of Burrillville.{} Giles is being charged with possession of a firearm after a conviction, carrying a weapon while being intoxicated, carrying a loaded weapon, and firing a weapon in a compact area.{} Giles is expected to be arraigned Friday at Providence District Court.

The lockdown lasted for several hours and ended with a bang, though no one was hurt.{} Police used what's called a 'flash bang' a non-lethal explosive device, to disorient the suspect and bring him into custody.

Members of a SWAT team approached the truck where Giles was holed up outside the emergency room for at least two hours with a gun.

Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Carey said, "We did light off a distraction device that gives off a lot of noise and bright lights light and he did step outside the vehicle when we deployed the distraction device and we did take into custody. The important thing is in any of these operations is preservation of life is critical. In this case no one was injured."

Police say Giles was struggling with family issues and for some reason pulled up outside the Landmark emergency room. He was holding the gun to his head, threatening to kill himself.

The hospital immediately went into lockdown. No one was hurt.

NBC 10 spoke with people trying to get loved ones out of the hospital Thursday night during the chaos.

"I can't get into the hospital because there's a person with a gun to their head and they're negotiating with that person," said Mark Paine. His sister works at Landmark. "It's scary, we live nearby, I've never heard this happen before and I've lived here my whole life," said neighbor Connie Allard.

Others who were inside at the time said it was as quiet as they have ever heard at the hospital. Others said they were told to stay away from the windows.

Officials said the staff and patients remained calm inside the hospital during the lockdown. All emergency traffic was diverted to other area hospitals during the incident.

NBC 10 was told Giles only threatened to hurt himself.