Late-night shooting injures 5

March Street, Providence

Police are investigating a series of late-night shootings in Providence.

Investigators said multiple gunshots were fired at two separate locations near the Chad Brown housing complex in Providence. Five people were injured.

Police said the neighborhood may have been targeted, not necessarily the victims.

"Were the people who were shot the intended targets? There's a good chance that they weren't. We don't know yet. We're still in the early stages of investigation," Maj. David Lapatin said.

Does that mean the shooting was gang-related? Police won't go that far yet, but they do leave the possibility open.

After police arrived at the scene Tuesday night, the five victims were taken to a hospital.

One of them, identified as 27-year-old Gabriel Burgos, of Providence, was in serious condition. The other four had less severe injuries.

Witnesses in the housing development on March Street said there was a gathering of people outside an apartment door. Shots were fired. They hit two cars and at least two people.

Bullet holes remained Wednesday afternoon, scarring the SUVs parked in front of the apartment building.

Witnesses were afraid for their own safety to talk on camera, but they said a shooter in a car drove around the complex, fired into a group on one side of the development and then fired into a group on March Street.

Police said the search for the shooter is on.

"We do have some leads. We're working them now. Detectives have been on the scene since last night and have worked straight through to this morning and continue to work the case," Lapatin said.

Providence police said they have increased patrols in the area. They asked anyone with information in the case to call them.