Legal analyst breaks down Hernandez evidence

Now that key search warrants in the Aaron Hernandez murder case have been unsealed, there's a lot of information swirling around about how the football star is connected to the murder of Odin Lloyd.

NBC 10 picked a legal brain to ferret out what could be used in court.

Some of the juicy information just released includes reports that Carlos Ortiz told police that Hernandez told Ernest Wallace that Hernandez shot and killed Lloyd on June 17.

While interesting, legal experts say it's not good enough for court.

"What we have now is hearsay and it's not going to be admissible," NBC 10 legal analyst Mark Dana said.

However, Dana said the prosecution is definitely trying to get Ortiz or Wallace on its side.

"What will be interesting in this case is what is offered to individuals to give up Hernandez, and I think down the road you're going to see that take place," Dana said.

Dana said the surveillance video tracking Hernandez's moves is priceless for trial. Court documents show investigators found a lot of video showing Hernandez picking up Lloyd at his home. They have extensive home surveillance video from inside Hernandez's home.

Police said pictures even show Hernandez holding a gun close to the time Lloyd was killed.

"It's in homes, it's in commercial buildings, it's everywhere," Dana said. "So, whatever you're doing -- more likely than not -- it's going to be on video somewhere.

"What you can do with all of that surveillance is create a very good timeline as to where the defendant was in relation to the decedent, and what was done afterwards," Dana said.

But Dana said this isn't a sure thing for the prosecution.

"Your job as a defense attorney is to see what the government did right, what the police did right and what they did wrong," he said. "If you determine they did more wrong then right then it may not be a slam dunk. I never accept a slam dunk."

Dana said the next step for the defense is to get their client from behind bars so he can help them build a better case.