City board hears testimony about 'Shmacked' party

The Providence Board of Licenses heard testimony Thursday about an out-of-control party at a downtown nightspot where college students were found lying in the streets drunk or on drugs.

Members of the licensing board expressed displeasure, but the panel is holding out before handing down any possible penalty.

Witness after witness told the licensing board the night of Sept. 12 was a scene.

"The entire night was a disturbance. Kids were going in there intoxicated and/or on drugs. I know that kids were coming out of there intoxicated and/or on drugs," said Providence Patrolman Robert Kels.

The party was at the Roxy, and its lawyer and general manager argued the size of the crowd and the condition of the college kids pouring off 16 different school buses was much worse than they had expected.

But a look at YouTube might have shown them what to expect from a traveling party called "I'm Shmacked."

Licensing board chairman Andrew Annaldo had no question about where the responsibility for the chaos lies.

"This smackdown event, if researched, would have clearly been a red light in my mind as a business owner and I would have secured the proper police details as well as my own internal security. And I'm bothered by the inference that some promoter's contract means something. It means nothing to me," Annaldo said.

The event was organized by students from the University of Rhode Island, but the school had no involvement.

The licensing board said it will decide on any sanctions against the Roxy within the next 10 days.