Local reaction to Pope Francis statement

It raised many eyebrows when Pope Francis said in an interview published this week the Catholic Church has become too focused on small minded rules when it comes to issues like homosexuality and abortion.

A change in tone from the Vatican that has touched a chord with many local Catholics we spoke with, some of whom thought it was a good thing and looked at the merging of the old way of thinking with progressive thinking as a step in the right direction.

A direction not everyone is totally comfortable with; saying that it is good in one aspect, that he's progressive, trying to think outside the box, but it is just not a way they are comfortable thinking.

The Providence Diocese became part of the global conversation when Bishop Thomas Tobin said in an interview he was disappointed the Pope didn't speak out about abortion.

In a follow up statement on Friday the Bishop said while he will continue to speak out about human life and marriage when the situation warrants "I enthusiastically welcome the balanced and inclusive approach our Holy Father is bringing to the pastoral ministry of the Church"

A balance many seem to like.