Local political analyst on possible government shutdown

With the House vote to fund the government, but delay Obamacare for a year, the fate of a government shutdown may now be sealed, and Brown University's Wendy Schiller says that will impact us locally

Schiller told NBC 10 "Rhode Island has a significant defense industry and defense contractors will get held up because nobody in federal government can approve them when there's shutdown, so this is particularly dangerous thing I think for Rhode Island"

This would be the first government shutdown in 17 years; last time from 1995 to 1996.

Government workers affected locally not getting paid, or getting only partial paychecks; Schiller says it doesn't take long to feel the ripple effects of something like that. "Even if 100 people who are furloughed or two hundred people those are people not buying groceries, not going shopping, it's bad"

And she believes the impact could be even greater this time around, telling NBC 10 "I think the effects could be worse, we were in better economic situation in the 90's now we've got a very fragile recovery"

At heart of the latest political battle is the President's healthcare plan, or Obamacare, which the Supreme Court has already deemed constitutional.

Schiller believes this shutdown could last awhile, and even roll over into the next major hurdle facing Washington: the debt ceiling deadline looming later in October.