Local reaction to situation in Ukraine

After a week of deadly violence, finally there was a turning point in Ukraine with President Viktor Yanukovych gone from the capital.

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says he got a firsthand account of what it's like now from a friend via email "he said it was the most emotional thing because just a day ago, there were snipers murdering people down in the square now where they were shot, there are candles and flowers in heaps and the snipers are gone and it looks like there is at least prospect for peaceful resolution."

Ukraine is divided between those who are pro Russian and those who want closer ties to the European Union.

According to Senator Jack Reed the latter can be a model, "if there's successful integration of country like Ukraine into the European Union and maintain their traditional trade and relationship with Russia that's a best step forward and example for other countries."

On Sunday National Security adviser Susan Rice said it would be a "grave mistake" for Russia to intervene militarily in Ukraine, and Senator Jack Reed concurs "they should recognize new elections are probably the best approach to long term stability and they should reconcile themselves to a truly independent Ukraine."

In fact Senator Whitehouse believes it may have been the Olympic Games themselves that may have influenced the outcome of the situation in Ukraine, preventing President Vladimir Putin from intervening while the eyes of the world were on Russia.

Now all eyes are on Ukraine, plotting a course for its future.