Teen accused of trying to sell gun, drugs in classroom

A local teen accused of trying to sell a weapon and drugs in a classroom.

Police tell the Providence Journal a classmate decline to buy a gun and marijuana from a 15 year old last week at E-Cubed Academy.

Police also say a fight later broke out a few blocks away and the 15 year old showed the gun in front of other students.

NBC 10 reached out to the Providence School Department Tuesday night.

A spokesperson told us one of the students told school officials about the gun.

"Immediately upon learning of this, the principal and her administration started investigating within the school and called police" said Christina O'Reilly, spokesperson for the Providence School Department. "The Providence police arrived very quickly at the school, addressed the issue. To our understanding, they went to the home of the student, found a weapon and some controlled substance, and arrested that student."

Family court is reportedly handling the case.