Local venue up for sale

For Christina Hickey and Steve Parillo of Warwick, their big day is just three weeks away on May 10th. But they just found out the venue for their wedding reception, Nino's on Lake Tiogue in Coventry, is in the process of being sold, something owner Charles Cunha confirmed to NBC 10. What remains uncertain is when the sale will close. That has Hickey and Parillo concerned, so they've started looking for other venues. "I feel like I'm lost. I'm so stressed, I can't even focus right now. I need to find another venue ASAP, " Hickey told NBC 10. Owner Charlie Cunha told NBC 10 he's dealing with the loss of his wife who just passed away last Sunday, and that he's still waiting for word on a closing date. {} In the meantime he says he's working with other venues to make sure customers have options should the sale of Nino's go through before their wedding date. {} In a statement to NBC 10 Cunha wrote "Our main concern is that our customers will not have to make any changes to their date. We need to take care of this in the proper manner when the time is right." {} But Hickey says she needs a more definitive answer now as to whether or not their wedding reception will happen as planned at Nino's. "His wife recently passed and I am very sorry for that, but our wedding is in three weeks and I need to know if it's going to happen or not in order for us to take action to go somewhere else. We need help," Hickey said.