Lottery winner celebrates at gaming parlor

Lonnie Jackson, Jr. is feeling lucky. While, playing the slots at Twin River to celebrate, the Woonsocket man talked to NBC 10 about cashing in a $2 million Powerball ticket.

He admits he's spent a lot of time at the slot parlor in Lincoln.

"I should own half this place, all the money I lost here. I'm not going to spend all my money at Twin River. I'm going to take care of all my responsibilities," Jackson said.

A father of 15 children, Jackson bought his ticket Feb. 6, and then threw it in a back room at his home with a bunch of other old tickets.

A couple weeks later he went back to the store where he bought it.

"The guy that works there says, 'Jackson, Jackson! You a millionaire! You a millionaire!' I says, 'A millionaire, what?' He says, 'You hit the Powerball!' I says, 'Get outta' here, I ain't hit no Powerball.'"

The clerk apparently remembered that Jackson was the only customer to buy a Powerball ticket with the multiplier the night the prized ticket was sold.

It took another week before Jackson finally checked the numbers, after digging through a bunch of other tickets.

"I said, 'Holy mosey! I'm a winner!' I didn't know what to do. It seems like my whole world came to a standstill," he said.

Now he's a millionaire, but still wearing his work shirt. Jackson spends his time finding scrap metal.

"I've been a hustler all my life. I work seven days a week," Jackson said. "They call me a dumpster diver cause I'm always in dumpsters picking up bottles and cans."

With his new wealth, Jackson says he'll buy a tractor to plow and a truck for hauling.

"I'm going to keep working. Retiring ain't nowhere near my neighborhood. Only way I retire, God retire me. I want to pay my bills and all my child support, take care of my kids properly, like I should have been doing all the time. But when you're broke, you can't do nothing," he said.