Loved ones remembered on 10th anniversary of Station fire

The music will play forever at the site of the Station nightclub tragedy after The Station Fire Memorial Foundation announced plans for a new memorial part to be built on the land during its 10 year anniversary ceremony Sunday afternoon.

Then governor, Donald Carcieri attended the ceremony saying, "All of those people will never ever be forgotten in our state's history."

Family members and friends of survivors and many of the one hundred who perished spoke at the ceremony. "I turn this into a day of hope," said Sarah Mancini, mother of victim Keith. "Now that we have a place to be with our loved ones."

The park will feature an entryway in the form of a musical wind harp. Its strings will play a melody every time wind passes through. It will also feature individual monuments for each of the one hundred deceased victims, and an open air pavilion will stand on the site's highest point.

The anniversary of the blaze is Wednesday. The fire broke out when pyrotechnics for the rock band Great White ignited flammable packing foam that had been installed in the club as soundproofing.