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      More videos found on cell phone in upskirting case

      The first man arrested under Massachusetts's new upskirting law could be facing additional charges.

      New documents released Monday show 37-year-old Sheldon Fulbeck is now accused of using his cell phone to take video of a second woman in a Target dressing room.

      Fulbeck was arrested March 22 for allegedly using his cell phone at the Target store in North Attleboro to take video of a woman trying on bathing suits.

      Police found three videos on Fulbeck's cell phone taken on the same day between 11:30 a.m. and noon in the North Attleboro store.

      The video shows the cell phone was shoved underneath the dressing room door where these women were trying on bathing suits.

      The latest discovery shows a woman who didn't appear to realize she was being videotaped.

      The first video, the one that led to his arrest, shows a woman finding the cell phone and confronting Fulbeck.

      The woman's boyfriend was in the store and tackled Fulbeck when she made the accusations.

      Police say Fulbeck then began chewing on his SIM card attempting to destroy the evidence.

      Fulbeck pleaded not guilty in court and was released on his own recognizance.

      He's due back in court on May 27.