Man accused of assaulting UPS driver held

A 68-year-old man accused of assaulting a UPS driver and then firing a gun at him appeared court Friday.

Dana Simmons was arraigned in Providence District Court on charges of felony assault and discharge of a firearm while committing an act of violence.

Police said the driver went to Simmons's apartment Thursday to drop off a package. When Simmons didn't answer the door, police said the driver left a note from UPS saying, "Sorry we missed you."

Police said as the driver was pulling away, Simmons came out of his apartment screaming. They said Simmons got into the UPS truck and attempted to drive it away. They said when the driver fought him, he pulled out a gun.

The driver was able to get the gun away from Simmons before police arrived at the scene.

Simmons lawyer, Kevin Langer, said the full story has yet to be revealed.

"In terms of what connection, if any, he had with the UPS driver beforehand. Who the box was intended to. What the contents were. None of that is known at this point. So obviously, you're dealing with very limited information. So, you can't go leaping to conclusions," Langer said.

The judge set bail at $50,000 with surety. Simmons could not make bail and will continue to be held.

As for what was inside the package, police filed for a search warrant and it's not yet known what was in it.