Man charged after beating man with two-by-four

Jonathan Stack (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

A man with an extensive criminal record was charged Friday in connection with a fight behind a restaurant on Federal Hill that left one man in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

Daniel Lastarza was charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. He was ordered held without bail for being a parole violator.

Police said Lastarza hit two men with a two-by-four during a fight Wednesday. One of the men struck was identified as 34-year-old Jonathan Stack.

Police said they believe the fight happened after Stack went to Federal Hill to get his money back in a used car deal gone wrong.

Lastarza was found soon after the fight on Federal Street. Prosecutors said he gave police an alias and changed his clothes.

NBC 10 reports Lastarza has more than 30 felony charges on his record.

Maj. David Lapatin told NBC 10 that Stack assaulted Lastarza's son in June after accusing him of vandalizing his truck. Lastarza suffered minor injuries and a no-contact order was issued.