Man charged with sexually assaulting teen girls at house party

Jonathan Silveira

A man accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls at a house party pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Jonathan Silveira, 32, of Attleboro, was arraigned in Attleboro District Court. He was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail.

Police said Silveira threw a drinking party with underage people Saturday at an apartment on South Main Street in Attleboro. Police said Silveira bought alcohol for minors.

According to police, during the party Silveira exposed himself to one teen and sexually assaulted two others. Police said some of the male partygoers attacked Silveira.

"I heard all the kids running out saying they messed him up. And my house was shaking," said Jennilee Torres, who lives next door to where the house party was held.

Police said when they arrived, several people were fleeing the house and that Silveira tried to flee when they entered his apartment. He was arrested soon after.

It was not immediately known whether or not any of the people who allegedly assaulted Silveira were arrested, or if any of the other partygoers were facing charges.

Silveira is next scheduled to appear in court on Jun. 17.