Man critically hurt in Providence fire

A Providence man was critically injured early Monday morning when a fire broke out in his apartment.

Residents were evacuated from 9 Parkis Place at about 4 a.m.

"I was asleep, and I heard the alarm, but I didn't think anything of it because I was in and out of sleep. But then I heard glass shattering. I said, 'Oh no, we gotta go," said Alice Vargas, a tenant.

The fire broke out in a fifth-floor apartment. Firefighters had to rescue the man who lives there.

The deputy chief said the tenant was unconscious and had burns on his lower limbs. His name was not immediately released.

The fire was contained to the one apartment, but residents said smoke was everywhere.

"I opened my door, I couldn't see," resident James Sims said. "It was white, white smoke, and it stunk."

Steven Jenkins lives one floor above and one apartment over from where the fire started. He said there was so much smoke traveling up, at first he and his neighbor thought her unit was on fire.

"When she knocked on my door she said my house is on fire. I looked and there was no fire, so I said that's coming from somewhere else. Come to find out, it was down underneath her," Jenkins said.

All of the evacuated tenants were allowed back in their apartments within a couple of hours.

The deputy fire chief said no one else was hurt.

Residents said they have their neighbor in their thoughts.

"I just know him from coming in and out of the building, very nice, said hello to me all the time. That's about it. He was very quiet," Vargas said.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.