Man says he was run over in downtown Providence

A 23-year-old man was seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash Sunday night in Providence.

Nick Gemma said he was leaving Trinity Brewhouse and Restaurant with his family on St. Patrick's Day when a black SUV with Massachusetts license plates ran over him.

Gemma said the car struck him at the intersection of Exchange Street and Exchange Terrace.

"It was surreal, like he was coming right for me. I knew someone was going to get hit," Gemma said Tuesday.

Providence police did not immediately return messages from NBC 10 News.

Gemma said he hasn't talked to police either.

"I haven't spoken to any police, and no one has reached out to me from police," Gemma said.

Gemma has a broken collarbone, and his right leg was broken in three separate places.

"I'm thankful to my parents and family members for pulling me out of the street," Gemma said.

He told NBC 10 that he feels lucky to have survived the crash.

"I'm not looking for revenge. I just want to make sure he doesn't do this again," Gemma said.

Doctors said it will take Gemma six to nine months to recover.

"They ask me what my pain is every hour. It's always between a seven and a 10. It's bad enough that sometimes I start to lose a grip and I just pass out," Gemma said.

Gemma began physical therapy Tuesday at Rhode Island Hospital.