Man sentenced in Middletown killing

Zachary Lapelusa

A man was sentenced Friday to life in prison in a killing in Middletown.

Zachary Lapelusa pleaded guilty to kidnapping and stabbing to death a co-worker, Antoinette Vendetti Bruce, in 2011.

Lapelusa was sentenced to life in prison for murder, 20 years for kidnapping and one year for eluding police.

"I did a horrible act. I deserve what I get," Lapelusa told the court Friday. "I'm sorry I ruined two families that day, her family and my family."

Attorneys read an impact statement from Bruce's husband, Christopher Bruce.

The victim's sister, Ana Albe, also spoke.

"He should never be allowed out of prison because he has no regard for human life," Albe said. "Life plus 20 years seems lenient."

Authorities said Lapelusa kidnapped Bruce from a hotel parking lot, stabbed her in his car, and left her body in a ditch.

Investigators said Lapelusa and Bruce, both from Connecticut, had a work-related dispute.