Man wakes up to find car on cinder blocks

Local thieves caught in the act stealing four tires, rims and all. A very unpleasant wake-up call for a North Providence man, who now hopes his home surveillance video helps crack the case.

Corey Rodriguez headed out for work just like normal Thursday, but what he saw was not ordinary.

"I just can't believe it," Rodriguez said. "I thought it was a dream. A joke."

Sadly for Rodriguez this was no joke.

"It's like your baby," he said. "You take care of it. It just sucks that someone would come and take what's not theirs The first thing that goes through my mind is how I'm going to get to work? Then it hits you. They stole your wheels. I'm surprised they didn't steal the car."

The thieves put his car on cinder blocks after stealing the wheels and rims.

North Providence Police tell NBC 10 they've been other tire thefts in the Fruit Hill Neighborhood this week.

"I guess it happened three to 4 times before," he said.

Based on his home surveillance video, Rodriguez thinks his car was being stalked. He has video of three cars driving down his dead end street staking out his home.

Overnight, while he slept they came back. At about 3 in the morning, he says they knocked down one of his surveillance cameras, but they missed another one which was much higher.

In the video you can see the thieves work together like a well oiled machine so they can roll the tires away. It only took 11 minutes.

"It's so easy for them," he said. "It's like their full time job It's just you work hard for everything that you get and they can just come and take it."

Rodriguez says the thieves also damaged the body of his car. That damage plus the tires and rims means he's out of about $5,000.

The North Providence man hopes his story and surveillance video can be a warning and tool to catch the crooks.