Man's death in hit-and-run remains unsolved after 6 years

Family and friends of a West Warwick man gathered Sunday on the sixth anniversary of his death.

Andrew Coit, 18, was killed by a hit-and-run driver who was never identified, and loved ones hold out hope that someone has information that can help police solve the case.

Dennis Sullivan was friends with Coit all his life and taught him how to play the guitar.

Sullivan said Coit was a natural musician and that it's ironic that he died while sharing his talent to honor the memory of another young person killed.

"It's sad, but all we really can do is keep coming down here and keep having an annual thing," Sullivan said.

Coit was the victim of a hit-and-run while playing a guitar at a vigil for Derian Plass, a teen who died in a car accident the day before.

Police still haven't found Sullivan's killer.

"It's very frustrating because I don't think they've done enough. I think there's more to this," said Christa Mills, Coit's mother.

"We may never know anything. That possibility does exist," said Alex St. Martin, a friend.

But loved ones continue to hold out hope. They said they will continue to gather in Coit's memory year after year, and they will continue to see Coit in his young son, Andrew Jr., who was born just weeks after his father was killed.

"He's a spitting image, and he acts like him too. He's got his personality and he's very energetic. A goofball, you know?" Sullivan said.

"There are days that he'll be doing something and something will remind you of it, and you've got to stop and give yourself a few minutes," said Cliff Mills, Coit's stepfather.

All that's left is a plea to the community to keep Coit's memory alive.

"I don't know how anyone can put their head down on a pillow at night knowing that you killed my son," Christa Mills said.

Anyone with information in the case should call West Warwick police.